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Best Upright Vacuums 2016

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The vacuum cleaner has gone a long way ever since British inventor James Dyson introduced his very own portable version in 1979. Just when people thought they have already seen the best, there were still others who never felt contented and endlessly searched for what is easier to use and what is more efficient in terms of cleaning capability.

Now, there are several types of vacuum cleaners to choose from like upright, canister, and cordless vacuum cleaners, to name a few.

One of the fastest rising stars in this class is the upright vacuum cleaner which can be divided into two: bagged models and the bagless models.

In this article, we will focus on some of the cheapest upright vacuums, yet the most effective ones. We’ll highlight each of their best features and quickly point some areas where they can still be improved.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)

5 Stars

best upright vacuums


The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro looks good that it can be easily compared to other expensive vacuum cleaners. The quality of the materials used may not be as outstanding as Dyson cleaners, but it’s very close. It’s also surely going to be a plus for first-time users, because it’s very easy to assemble.

When it comes to cleaning performance, there’s hardly anything more that you can ask from this Shark Navigator. Its suction power is so outstanding that you’ll be surprised at how much dust, dirt, and pet fur has your old cleaner failed to catch on the carpet.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro is likewise designed with a beater bar that disengages when the cleaner is turned on and positioned upright. This prevents carpets from getting burned and likewise avoids wood floors from being scratched.

The swivel handle also makes the vacuum cleaner very easy to maneuver which is really a big plus for those who frequently move around the house when cleaning. However, it doesn’t seem to be very efficient when it comes to cleaning edges.

Other than a few improvements that can still be made on the poorly-positioned power cord, the low quality turbo brush, and the short hose leading to the wand, this Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro is definitely a must-have vacuum cleaner.

BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass

4.5 Stars



BISSELL 9595A is one of the easiest vacuum cleaners to put together. All you need is a Philips screwdriver to tighten the screws on the handle and the rest of the steps should be very straightforward.

Unlike other vacuums of its type, BISSELL 9595A is bagless and is included with washable filters. You won’t also have to worry about extra storage space as its accessories can be easily kept on the vacuum cleaner itself. Moreover, its large dust bin can be easily emptied.

As expected, it does an excellent job at picking up dirt and pet hair. It gets into the edges very well most especially with the help of the turbo brush. You actually won’t notice how good its suction power is until you see the results, because it’s fairly quiet.

One of the most convenient features of the BISSELL 9595A is the adjustable height level of the brush. This makes it easily usable for thinner or thicker carpets. It also helps that it’s lightweight, because you can simply carry it to places where you need to clean up some spills or crumbs left on the floor or carpet.

Meanwhile, there are a few minor issues with the design that users would have to deal with.

Starting off with the power cord, it’s quite short, thus you’re likely to plug in the cleaner to multiple outlets if you’re moving across a big room or space. Next and probably the most impacting is the smell of dust that comes out of the unit. There was quite a number of customers who have observed this after years of using the cleaner.

For the price, the BISSELL 9595A is a very good vacuum cleaner. It obviously has some cons, but its pros overweigh all these.

Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)

5 Stars



Compared to other vacuum cleaners, the Shark Navigator Deluxe comes with a long hose which makes it very handy when cleaning the floor, wall, and ceiling. It’s also designed with rubberized wheels that allow the cleaner to glide on the floor smoothly without leaving some scratches. These are a must most especially that the Shark Navigator is something you can move around the house much often with the brush turned on.

Same as other expensive upright vacuum cleaners like Dyson, the Shark Navigator Deluxe has very outstanding suction power. As advertised, it certainly doesn’t lose suction, thus making it reliable and very useful when picking up tiny dirt or pet hair on the carpet.

You can therefore expect your dust cup to be easily filled out every time. This shouldn’t be annoying though as the dust bin can be effortlessly emptied anytime.

If there are things that can be added or modified to make this unit better, these include the nonadjustable height of the cleaner and the shorter, easy-to-bend dust brush attachment.

Despite these minor drawbacks, Shark Navigator Deluxe is still one of the top upright vacuums in its price range.

Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner

5 Stars



The Shark NV501 Rotator Pro vacuum cleaner doesn’t look great physically, but it does perform its job very well. Its parts are not of top-notch quality, yet its tools like the dusting brush, crevice tool, and premium pet power brush are remarkable.

Like the other Shark vacuum cleaners, this Rotator Pro has excellent suction power. Despite this, it’s relatively quiet that you can even use this late at night without disturbing others who might already be asleep.

Although it sounds somewhat gimmicky, the premium pet power brush works perfectly on bed sheets or carpets where pet hair may be abundant. However, it also seems to easily stock a lot of your falling hair which fortunately is easy to remove. Emptying the dust bin is likewise as easy as opening a house door.

Another nice thing about the Shark NV501 Rotator Pro is that it’s built-in with three filters. This leaves the air coming out of it to smell really good and fresh.

Overall, this vacuum cleaner is outstanding, but it would have been better if it was made of more durable materials. For the price and the performance, there’s really not too much that you can complain. This affordable upright vacuum is definitely a takeaway.

Hoover Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister, UH30010COM

4.5 Stars



The Hoover Platinum Collection LBU is one of those physically appealing vacuum cleaners available in the market today. It dons a long cord, a canister with some tools on it, and a shoulder strap that you can wear while you’re doing the chore. Its stair-cleaning handle is also ergonomically-designed which is really a plus.

You’ll be even more impressed once you turn it on. With just a single pass on your rugged carpet, you’ll right away notice a difference. Since it’s lightweight and very easy to maneuver, you’ll surely like to do some more passes and continue to get satisfied with its superior cleaning ability. Moreover, it’s not as loud as other “powerful” vacuum cleaners.

For sure, you’ve heard a lot about other upright vacuum cleaners claiming to be good at cleaning edges. The Hoover Platinum Collection LBU appears to be a legitimate unit when it comes to this. You can use it in any sneaky area of your house and you can never be disappointed.

Meanwhile, the bags of this vacuum cleaner cost about $5 each. They’re not cheap, but they’re of very good quality. This may be a bit of an added expense to this already somewhat pricy Hoover cleaner.

Nevertheless, the results that this cleaner provides are what matter most. This, therefore, is still one of the best upright vacuums that one can purchase.

What to look for

When planning to buy an upright vacuum, make sure you choose something that’s designed to last longer and is efficient enough to clean the surfaces of your home. Also, make sure that it suits your budget and it satisfies your cleaning preferences

Cleaning ability

No matter how good its features, an upright vacuum cleaner is worthless if it’s not effective in terms of cleaning mess. It should have powerful suction and should be capable of removing dirt and dust on any type of surface. It would also be a plus if it can be effectively used to clean edges.


Consider having a lightweight and very portable upright vacuum cleaner so you can easily move it around the house. The more the features, the better. However, don’t get easily tempted with some highly-hyped features. Instead, do some research by reading reviews from several customers who had a first-hand experience with the vacuum cleaner.

Ease of use

Okay, the features are great. But how easy is it to use the vacuum cleaner? Simple things like the placement of the power button or the easy-to-grip handles should be thought of. Remember, you’re using a vacuum cleaner to make things easy and not to confuse yourself.


While there are several expensive upright vacuum cleaners available in the market today, they’re not at all times the best in terms of design or in cleaning capability. Again, it pays to patiently do some research on which vacuum cleaners offer you the features you need the most. Settle on a unit that gives more value to your money.

Advantages of Using an Upright Vacuum

Upright vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular most especially with the introduction of newly designed units that offer better cleaning experience. They’re most especially helpful when cleaning rugs or carpets because of their rotating brushes that are specially made to catch dust and dirt.

In addition to this, upright vacuum cleaners can also be used to clean bare floors.

Here are some other reasons that make an upright vacuum cleaner better than the rest:

Broader cleaning area

Upright vacuum cleaners are easier to maneuver, thus they have more cleaning movements. They can likewise be used on edges where dirt can be difficult to remove. Moreover, their slim design makes them good at reaching very narrow spaces.

Upright design

Users won’t have to bend over to use the cleaner and tidy things up. If you want, you can always adjust the height settings so that they can be used on various types of surfaces. Depending on the model, this can be done by simply adjusting a lever or a knob.


Several upright vacuum cleaners nowadays are equipped with ball movement technology that allows them to easily move in different angles. This makes them ideal for narrow spaces or small areas where dust or dirt often accumulates.

Comes with some helpful accessories

Most of the latest models available today come along with a couple of useful attachments such as a dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and a crevice tool. These extra tools are most especially helpful when performing above the floor cleaning.

Superb cleaning capability

With the latest innovations in vacuum technology, upright vacuum cleaners are now designed with a suction power that’s identical as other units which cost about three times more.


Without a doubt, upright vacuum cleaners have definitely improved in terms of design and overall efficiency. They now come along with plenty of features that seem to be carefully thought of by their respective makers. This further makes them look valuable to end-users.

Not only are they less expensive, they’re much more effective when it comes to removing dust and dirt. Regardless of the surface where they are ought to be used, upright vacuum cleaners now often yield almost identical results in terms of efficiency. This makes them at par even with the most expensive units in the market today.

So what is the implication?

Competition among different makers has grown several notches higher, thus end-users are now often left with a difficult decision of which unit to purchase. They’re making things easy and making things more convenient. Much more, they’re coming up with more and more cheap upright vacuums that are very effective.

And this is something that everybody should be happy about.

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