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Best Robot Vacuums 2016

LOOKING FOR THE Best Robot Vacuums? CHECK OUT OUR REVIEWS OF THE Best Robot Vacuums!

We know that looking for robot vacuums around is tough. After all, you don’t always see a robot vacuum shop around the corner. Surely, there are a few robot vacuum brands around, but in this one, we’ll provide you the top robot vacuum cleaners that will surely make you keep an eye on them. We gathered and checked each and every robot vacuum ratings out there, and decided which one shall be on the list of your next potential vacuum. Are you ready? Check them out below!

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets

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iRobot Roomba 650 is a cleaning robot that provides services of thorough cleaning at your home. Roomba 650 weighs about 11.8 pounds and sizes up to 13.4 x 3.6 inches. With iRobot Roomba 650’s technology, it can easily handle intricate tasks such as collecting furs and dirt on the floor.

  • 3-stage cleaning system – Roomba 650 contains a 3-stage cleaning system that meticulously cleans floors as well as wall edges.
  • Hi-technology that navigates your home – Roomba 650 is filled with iAdapt knowledge that adjusts to your home. The iAdapt helps Roomba 650 distinguish places like helping it avoid stairs. With its smart technology, it can proceed to go to places like under the bed, tables and even sofas.
  • Automatic recharge – this product automatically recharges on its own after draining its battery, so not only Roomba 650 is easy to use, but it does not demand much effort from you.

Generally, iRobot’s Roomba 650 seems like a decent deal when buying a robot vacuum. It features the traits a good robot vacuum should have. With its iAdapt technology, it is guaranteed that Roomba 650 is smart enough clean your entire home. It’s also great that Roomba 650 automatically recharges on its own, which saves you a lot of time.

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies



Are you a pet lover but having trouble keeping up due to allergies? Then this one is probably the best vacuum robot for you. With one push of the power button, iRobot Roomba 770 is ready to give you a performance a good robot vacuum must do. Roomba 770 weighs about 14 pounds and 13.9 x 3.4 in size. This product is provided with smarter features that focus on making sure that your house is spotless and clean. With a product so small, it’s amazing how Roomba 770 does its job.

  • Dirt detecting technology – Roomba 770 is loaded with Dirt Detecting feature that helps your robot vacuum focus on filthier areas, making sure it is cleaning an area right where it is needed.
  • Automatic Features – this product contains automatic features that familiarize itself on different floors like tiles, wood, etc. Roomba 770 can also detect its battery life, making it return to its base and recharge itself.
  • HEPA type filter – Roomba 770 is inserted with HEPA-type filler that habitually captures small particles of debris, furs and dusts.
  • Clog resistant – this product is efficiently designed to be clog resistant, making this robot vacuum effective to use for a longer time.

In conclusion, iRobot’s Roomba 770 seems like a great choice. It has the potential of a wonderful robot vacuum cleaner and the smarter technology it has will definitely help you save a lot of cash. For pet owners and lovers, this one is a great deal because the HEPA filter leaves you a better environment.

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies



Neato Botvac D80 is a high-technology and smart robot vacuum. It is certainly one of the top robot vacuum cleaners in the market. Botvac D80 weighs about 9 pounds and is 12.7 x 3.9 x 13.2 in size. When it comes to cleaning, Botvac D80 makes sure to meticulously clean every part of the area. You can simply leave Botvac D80 all to itself and before you know it, it is done with its work! Compared to others, Botvac D80 has a different design that is perfect to clean even on edges.

  • Laser Smart – Botvac D80 is provided with Laser Smart mapping. A feature that helps the product smartly scan the area, making its job more efficient than other products. Unlike other robot vacuum cleaners that randomly bump around the area while cleaning, Botvac D80 cleans in a well-organized manner, making it clean four times faster than other products.
  • Automatic Features – Botvac D80 automatically recharges itself and resumes back to its work after recharging.
  • D shape design – Botvac D80 is uniquely designed to reach the places other products can like wall edges.
  • Several Brushes – This robot vacuum deal with all types of floor, so Botvac D80 made sure it has all the brushes it needs. It has a side brush, spiral blade brush and combo brushes.

As one of the most inexpensive robot vacuum in the market, Botvac D80 is surely a top contender that should be put as one of your best choice. The automatic feature is a great deal, as not every robot vacuum can resume working after recharging. Also, with its unique design and great features, spending money on this buy will definitely be worth it.

iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot



With iRobot’s new robot vacuum cleaner, Roomba 980 certainly has it all. The company made sure to raise their game by loading this product with smarter, faster and more efficient features. Roomba 980 may not be a cheap robot vacuum but without a doubt, it won’t disappoint. Roomba 980 makes sure to successfully clean every part of your floor. It can easily detect different surfaces and automatically changes its performance when needed.

Even if you’re thousands of miles away from home, Roomba 980 is still accessible through an app that is exclusive for Roomba 980 owners. So with one tap, wherever you are, you can command your Roomba 980 to clean your home.

  • iAdapt 2.0 feature – with this new navigation, Roomba 980 can easily detect every area of your home. It can navigate and detect anything that makes Roomba 980 perform an effective yet well-ordered.
  • Automatic traits – Roomba 980 is able to automatically recharge and resume cleaning on its own. This product is also completed with an AeroForce system that automatically changes its performances on different surfaces such as carpets and rugs.
  • Longer battery life – unlike the previous Roomba vacuum cleaners, Roomba 980 has a longer battery life can run up to two hours of non-stop cleaning.
  • Wi-fi activated – their best and most unique feature yet, Roomba 980 lets you control your robot vacuum through an application in your phone. With one tap, you can easily access, schedule, and command your vacuum to do its task.

While Roomba 980 is surely not the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner, with its improved and unique features, spending money on this one will certainly not disappoint. The new iRobot Home App is enough to let you know that this one is the most improved robot vacuum that is invented. So if money is not an issue for you, Roomba 980 is perhaps the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for you.

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, Rouge



Want your floors swept and mopped at the same time? Then bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum is your best choice! bObsweep PetHair comes with a remote control that lets you schedule its cleaning time. With its long battery life, it is guaranteed that your entire home will be clean in no time. bObsweep PetHair also has UV light that destroys bacteria to ensure you a healthier environment. The company made sure that bObsweep PetHair is efficient to use. So with its user-friendly design, it is assured that customers won’t have any problems any time soon.

  • HEPA filter – this product contains HEPA filter that absorbs and traps small particles of dusts and pet hair.
  • 4 in 1 cleaner – bObsweep PetHair does not just vacuum you floors, it also sweeps, mop and sterilize your air! Leaving you a safer environment.
  • Automatic features – this can automatically go back to its charging station when it detects that it is low on power.
  • Eco friendly – bObsweep PetHair followed the RoHs, which means that this robot vacuum is free from any hazardous materials that are unsafe for pets, humans and the environment.

Overall, bObsweep PetHair is surely one of the top-notch products there is. For sure, there are several robot vacuums for sale that is out there, but with its 4 in 1 features and eco-friendly materials, bObsweep PetHair seems like a good choice for a robot vacuum cleaner.

BISSELL SmartClean 1605 Vacuum Cleaning Robot



BISSELL SmartClean 1605 is one of Bissel’s best robot vacuum inventions yet. This robot vacuum costs way less than other robot vacuums, but it is sure to give a powerful performance that is perfect to clean your floors. SmartClean 1605 is loaded with strong suctions that effectively collect hairs, dusts, debris and many more. With its automatic features, SmartClean 1605 needs less effort from you, just like a good robot does!

  • Lithium Ion powered – with its lithium ion battery, SmartClean 1605 is warranted to last longer than any other vacuum cleaner.
  • Automatic features – SmartClean 1605 automatically adapts to your home which makes cleaning faster and more efficient. SmartClean 1605 also automatically recharges on its own when needed.
  • Triple action system – to ensure you a better performance, SmartClean 1605 is packed 3 different brushes such as a rotating brush roll, dual spinning brushes and a durable suction to effectively clean your home.
  • Opticlean sensors – with the Opticlean sensors, SmartClean 1605 is ensured to be way smarter than your normal robot vacuum cleaner. Opticlean helps to find filthier areas, where harder and proper cleaning is needed.

Concisely, with all its smart features, SmartClean 1605 gives the impression of a good robot vacuum. It may be one of the best robot vacuum cleaners for sale that is out there. It is cheap, reliable and efficient. With its triple action system and long battery life, it is pretty much guaranteed that this vacuum can perform a good task. So, do you think SmartClean 1605 is the robot vacuum for you?

Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner



Having a bad case of allergies? Then Neato XV-21 might be the perfect robot vacuum for you. With one look, one might mistake Neato XV-21 for an old play station, but don’t be deceived! Neato XV-21 is much more than that. This product has the ability to clean all sorts of floors, and take all sorts of debris, dirt, dusts and even pet hairs. With its upgraded technology, Neato XV-21 has the ability detect what’s around it, and plan a well-organized cleaning task.

  • Long power life – While other vacuums last up to an hour or less, Neato XV-21 is able to work up to 90 minutes of non-stop cleaning. Leaving you a more polished and neat floor.
  • Automatic recharge – Neato XV-21 automatically goes back to its charging station when it is low on power.
  • Scheduled cleanings – Even when you’re busy, you can schedule Neato XV-21 up to 2-3 times a day to clean your home anytime you want.

In a nutshell, Neato XV-21 doesn’t seem bad enough for a decent robot vacuum. It may be dated, but with conviction, Neato XV-21 will surely do its job to leave you a nice, freshly vacuumed home. It is also very friendly, especially to those having a hard time keeping up with their allergies.

Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 BASIC Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



Guaranteed to be one of the most affordable robot vacuums on stores, Infinuvo’s CleanMate QQ-2 should definitely be a candidate as your next robot vacuum. With a price so inexpensive, CleanMate QQ-2 can do basic tasks of what a good robot vacuum should do. It can collect and clean dirt and pet hairs while making sure it kills unseen bacteria inside your home.

  • UV light – CleanMate QQ-2 has a built-in UV light that kills bacteria and viruses lingering inside your home. It also sanitizes your floor which gives you an improved environment.
  • Able to multi-task – this product can sweep, vacuum then sanitize your floor, all at the same time. Not bad for a cheap robot vacuum cleaner.
  • 5 programmed patters – CleanMate QQ-2 also has 5 built-in preprogrammed cleaning patterns that let you decide which one is best for your liking. It has S-shape, spiral, along edges of walls, polygonal and special bounce.

For its cheap robot vacuum price, CleanMate QQ-2 isn’t a bad choice at all. Even though it lacks the features of other developed robot vacuums, CleanMate QQ-2 can do basic tasks of cleaning, leaving you clean floors. If you really want a robot vacuum so bad but doesn’t want to spend big money to purchase one, then this product is a great choice for you.

Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Another Neato’s pride that will surely make you proud as well, introducing the XV Signature Pro! With its sleek and cool design, one might think that XV Signature Pro is just another stylish robot vacuum. But never be misled by its looks because XV Signature Pro is farther than that. Customers and home owners loved how their new robot vacuum helped them clean their homes faster and more competent than other brands. With its D-shape design, XV Signature Pro assures you that it can clean even the edges of your walls. Look down below and see its other features.

  • Laser Smart – XV Signature Pro has a fixed LaserSmart feature that makes cleaning time more effective and successful. The LaserSmart feature scans the room, familiarizes itself in the area, and then concludes a well-organized cleaning path.
  • Automatic Features – XV Signature Pro is user friendly and doesn’t need much attention from home owners. Like the top robot vacuums, XV Signature Pro can automatically recharge and go back to its work.
  • High performance filters – This product is occupied with high-performance filters that helps collect sturdy dusts, dirt and pet hairs. It is especially helpful for people suffering with allergies.

If you’re busy person just like anyone else, and doesn’t have much time to sweep your floors then XV Signature Pro might be a good choice for you. This product is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive robot vacuum, but with its features, this one seems alright to own. If you want the job done but save more money on the bank, XV Signature Pro may be a smart choice.

Pure Clean PUCRC15 – Automatic Vacuum Robot Floor Cleaner for Hardwood Flooring and Hard Carpets



This may be the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner we have yet, introducing Pure Clean’s PUCRC15 robot vacuum. Just press the button, and PUCRC15 will begin its job cleaning your floor. The product weighs 5.2 pounds and sizes up to 13.2 x 2.3 x 13.2 inches. PUCRC15 also has a built-in tray that collects debris and dusts so you won’t need a plastic bag.

  • Re-chargeable battery – PUCRC15 can run up to 90 minutes of cleaning before it reaches low battery. But unlike other much expensive brands, PUCRC15 should be manually recharged.
  • Able to work on different floors – for its price, it’s amazing how PUCRC15 can work on different types of floors such as woods, tiles, linoleum and hard carpets.
  • 3 selectable modes – PUCRC15 has 3 different selectable levels that let you choose your mode of cleaning. You can choose from 10, 20 or max mode. The choice totally depends on you, giving you the freedom which part of the area needs more cleaning.

Like what most people say, you get what you pay for. PUCRC15 may not be the highest and smartest robot vacuum in the market, but it definitely does what a robot vacuum should do. It gathers hair, fur, debris and dirt very well. It also has a long battery life so owning a PUCRC15 may be worth a try.

What to Look For

It’s hard it is to maintain a neat, spotless and clean home. Despite all the efforts of cleaning 2 or 3 times a day, dirt, dusts and even furs still linger in different parts of your home. The first history of vacuum cleaners dates back to 1860, when a man named Daniel Hess invented a manual vacuum cleaner. By the time of 1900s, the development of vacuum cleaners still remains strong and therefore developed a more advanced vacuum cleaner that is powered by electricity.

Today, it’s amazing how far our machinery and technology have done for us. Gone are the days of wishing something can clean our floors for us, so we would like to introduce you to one of the world’s best invention, robot vacuums or what other likes to call it “robovacs”. Robot vacuums are invented to help home owners clean, sweep and mop their home meticulously. These robot vacuums have the ability to do simultaneous tasks, one of the best reasons why a lot of people are going crazy for this amazing product. But with several products out there, how will you be able to find the one that suits you the most? This is where we’d like to help. We know that your money is valuable and buying a robot vacuum cleaner isn’t the easiest task.

Since we’ve already provided you a list of robot vacuum reviews, we’d like to help you more by sharing our insights about things to look for your next potential robot vacuum. Note that these are just features and traits we think a good robot vacuum cleaner should have. The decision is yours and only you have the power to select what’s best for your liking.

  • Automatic – The exact reason why you want a robot vacuum is to lessen your task around your home. So getting a robot vacuum that is automatic is a big necessity. It doesn’t hurt to get the one that can pretty much clean, recharge and navigate on its own.
  • Filters – we totally recommend getting vacuums with filters that effectively traps and collects dusts and furs. The reason for that is because robot vacuums with filters can leave you with much cleaner and safer surroundings.
  • Multitasks – a robot vacuum that has the ability to multi-task is an exceptional kind and therefore irreplaceable. Don’t you love it when your robot vacuum doesn’t just suction dirt but also sweeps, mops, destroys active bacteria? Yes? We think so too.
  • Long lasting battery – Most robot vacuums can only last for about an hour, so it’s best to look for the robot vacuum that can live and perform longer than other products or brands.

Not all vacuum robots have the best features; some has good features but lacks something, some has everything but is too expensive. In any case, the choice is still yours. Just always remember, you’re buying a robot vacuum for one reason, to make your life easier. So with proper research and rational thinking, we hope you’ll able to find the robot vacuum suitable for your tastes.


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