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Best Metal Detectors 2016

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When it comes to good metal detectors, there are many popular brands – Bounty Hunter®, Garrett, Barska are just some. They are famous names because the users like to purchase these detectors for various reasons. These brands are cheap compared to professional type tools, the features are top of the line and most are easy to use.

There was no iPad, Android phone or internet decades ago. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents had to do some physical activities at their play or leisure time. They had hobbies and things to do – one of those pastimes is finding “treasure” using a new metal detector.

Finding an old coin, a lost bracelet or any metal object for that matter is so exciting. Your mind will work in ten different ways. Who owns this thing? How did he lose it? How long ago was that? How can I find the person? You have all these questions. It keeps you entertained and at the same time, increases your curiosity.

Now, times are different and kids are interested in technological devices, virtual reality and online games. They just sit down and let their fingers do the work. Idle minds and bodies. How about having a parent-child bonding time? You can shop at a metal detector store on the web or at the mall and buy this gold locator. This will be so much fun!

Bounty Hunter® BHJS Junior Metal Detector

5 Stars


Bounty Hunter® is top class metallic object detector brand. Many users have provided feedback about how sturdy and reasonably priced the thing is, considering the state of the art components of the device. Take for instance the Bounty Hunter® BHJS.

This device is a best seller and a great fit for kids’ use. It’s a junior-sized piece of equipment and created to be operated by children aged 6 to 12 years old. The whole thing weighs 2 pounds only. Very light weight! This affordable metal detector can be adjusted accordingly. Its 20.5 inches long at its shortest length, but can go as long as 31.5 inches.

Bounty Hunter® BHJS can be given as a gift. It does need two 9v batteries and it’s not electrically powered. The detector is handy and cord-free. You can detect a small coin buried at most 5 inches deep and for bigger objects, it can sense one up to 2 feet underground. But according to buyers, as per their experience, soda cans and coins buried 5 feet down has been found by this thing. They love it, they like that it functions really well and that it fits their budget since it’s a fairly cheap metal detector.

Bounty Hunter Pinpointer

4 Stars


The Pinpointer is another Bounty Hunter® tool which is used to find metal things inside the home, more specifically, your lost keys. Instead of cursing profanities while searching high and low for your apartment or car keys, just direct the Pinpointer and it will find your keys. But, that’s not all it can do. It can also be used for backyard treasure hunting!

The Pinpointer is a handheld device used to find things with metal components. It looks like a lighter for a fireplace or gas range at 10 inches long, but it’s not lighter. It’s a 2-ounce metal detector. It requires one 9V battery, though, and it’s not rechargeable.

Users love that the Pinpointer has a specific range. Some big detectors “light up” when a metal object is within 5 feet. The Pinpointer, on the other hand, the range is in inches. The chances of destroying the “find” when the big detector beeps are minimized since the Pinpointer can actually “pinpoint” the exact location and isolate the area of “find”. They also like the fact that it’s very affordable.

Bounty Hunter® Gold Digger Metal Detector

4.5 Stars


The Gold Digger model from Bounty Hunter® comes with a set, the metal detector deal of the decade, (with headphones and the jack connected to the headphones), for a more private “treasure” searching activity. Just put in two 9V batteries and you are good to go! It can sense iron, aluminum and brass objects, silver and gold for up to 2 feet deep. It can also “see” coins buried underground for up to 6 inches.

It has many types of control to effectively capture buried metal things. It has a Trash Eliminator to disregard unimportant marks while searching and Sensitivity control, to take full advantage of seeking and digging the important objects only. It also has Motion All Metal Mode control so that everything metal can be spotted by this metal detector brand. There are different sounds to determine which trash is and which a treasure is. It needs to get used to, said the users, but it’s interesting to learn nonetheless.

Users who have lost their rings and other jewelry have found this item to be very useful. The feedback was that it performed accurately without having to waste a lot of time digging. Compared to the more expensive brands, the Bounty Hunter® Gold Digger is a favorite since it can be used by kids and adults alike. It weighs 3.6 pounds and is 20.5 inches long.

Bounty Hunter® TIMERANGER Time Ranger Metal Detector

5 Stars


The Time Ranger weighs 5 pounds and is 28.5 inches long. This is definitely the cheapest metal detector for taller people. The components and origin of this item is proudly from Texas, USA. Bounty Hunter® operates from that state and provides quality made detecting equipment for many years now.

The reason why Time Ranger is heavier than the other devices is because of its features. It has a touchpad and an LCD display which shows everything. Target ID or a mode wherein the user can program the type of metal they want to seek. Sniff Mode will enable the user to discard a certain metal that the user does not like to “sniff” or is very rampant in the area of search; and still continue to look for other metals. This top metal detector model can be programmed accordingly and it has a lot of other features, modes and controls to provide a better metal searching experience.

Users suggests to those who want to buy the Time Ranger – for optimal results, the instruction manual has to be studied thoroughly. The detector is easy to use even for first timers too, but it’s better to read on how best to use it. Again, being a Bounty Hunter® product, it’s very low-priced.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

5 Stars


Garrett is another great brand when it comes to metal detector for sale online. The feedback on this pointer is astounding. A lot of people are not just satisfied with the performance of the tool. They love it! Not one user of the Pro-Pointer was ever disappointed by it. And as a bonus, this particular detector is waterproof. Not all detectors have that unique feature.

The waterproof pointer is 9.7 inches long and weighs around 8.8 pounds. Upon purchase of the package, the battery is free. One 9V battery is required to power up the tool. It’s advertised as a small detector which can search coins and big objects, as well.

Users have praised the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT metal detector brand for its characteristics and features. It’s waterproof up to 10 feet. The tool is deep orange unlike the usual black pointer detectors, which is a rich color. It can easily be seen. It has a vibrate setting. There is a Lanyard ring too. Sensitivity levels and alert sounds are functioning pretty well. The upgrade made it a superior treasure hunting tool.

Bounty Hunter® TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

4.5 Stars


The TK4 Tracker from Bounty Hunter® is another bestseller. This motion-type metal sensor needs to be moved side to side in order to sense metal. And when the makers advertised that this inexpensive metal detector can detect any type of metal – this is true, according to its happy owners. It can sense all types of steel and precious metals like gold and silver. The tool can also sense brass objects, aluminum and iron too.

It has a Discrimination Control feature – a user can program this function to save time from searching the same useless piece of metal or metallic target. It has different tones to distinguish the desired and the undesired target. The coil at the bottom is waterproof and there is an automatic ground balance function.

Users like the Bounty Hunter® TK4 Tracker IV metal detector so much. Comments like economical, user-friendly, sturdy, superb value, satisfied, fun times, great buy, and so on are the usual words. This 4.2 pound sensor works if it’s armed with two 9V batteries. It has 5 years of restricted warranty against defects in quality and components.

Bounty Hunter® QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector

4.5 Stars


Bounty Hunter® QSI Quick Silver is a very flexible type of detector. It can be used on both wet and dry areas. Others have tried this on wet sand and grass. The tool has also been used on dry fields and such. The results are the same. It can sense small and big objects without hassle.

Some QSI metal detector reviews state that this model is waterproof. One can say that the Bounty Hunter® QSI Quick Silver can be used even if the ground has water or is wet. The coil, which is responsible for detecting “treasure”, was built to withstand water or any type of liquid when it comes into contact.

The tool is not at all difficult to maneuver, according to its avid fans. Some of the users are enthusiasts and they are very thorough on their praise with the Quick Silver. A few of the buyers are first timers and as usual, they are very ecstatic with their “finds”. They say: buy metal detector, now – for a bonding time with your family and friends!

Only two 9V batteries are required to turn the sensor on. It’s not heavy at all and weighs around 4 pounds. The tool is 28.5 inches long and perfect for adult users. They have also commented that the Quick Silver has been comfortable enough to be utilized for hours. It has 4 modes of operation and each has an intelligent system of detecting and rejecting metal finds. At the price, it’s considered cheap, even though the features are top notch.

Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector by BARSKA

4.5 Stars


Barska is another popular name in the metal detector industry. The brand is originally from the US and it prides on superlative customer support.

The Winbest Pro Edition is a quite large sensor at 30 inches long. The stem can be adjusted and it goes down to 15.5 inches. So this means that even if you are short or tall, this tool can fit you perfectly. It has two modes and with sensitivity and discrimination functions. The coil is also waterproof.

This 3.9 pound tool is quick to assemble and even if you are not a pro, you can have so much fun with it. Users are very happy with the Pro Edition metal detector price too. Some have been very surprised of its amazing features – they thought it costs more than $1000. They say to go on and buy the Windbest Pro Edition – do not hesitate. Just read the manual on how to turn it on, familiarize with the LCD and touchpad operations, and just have fun!

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

4.5 Stars


Ace Series from Garrett is one of the brand’s newest lines. The detectors are made in USA and the components are quality checked and assured. The tool is 22.1 inches long and it weighs 4.5 pounds. To turn this on, four AA batteries are needed.

This is one of the best metal detectors according to hundreds of users. They recommend buying this tool whether you are a serious hobbyist or a newbie treasure hunter.

They also said the great things about this detector. It’s lightweight. The controls, like sensitivity setting and discriminations setting, are working beyond expectation. The advertisement says it can sense coin up to 4 inches deep only, but most of the owners of Garrett Ace 250 has proven that the tool can search for smaller objects buried up to 8 inches. It has helped a lot of people find their lost things and compared to other tools, the price is just right.

Garrett Pro-Pointer Metal Detector Includes Woven Belt and 9V Battery

5 Stars


Garrett also has a pointer type called Pro-Pointer and this metal detector costs so much less compared to its features. It’s among of the bestsellers not only for the brand, but for the industry. It’s a small tool and yet very helpful around the house and can be a fun object to use as well. Do you want a handheld tool to find hidden treasures? The Pro-Pointer can be one of the best bets for that.

It’s 9 inches long and weighs 7 ounces only. The tool is water resistant and dust proof too. You only need to arm it with one 9V battery for it to turn on. And because it’s a Garrett detector, it has a complete package – with belt and battery included.

If you ask the users, they will say good things about Pro-Pointer and the metal detector rating, for them. You will read comments from the owners like Invaluable, Must-Have, Durable, Accurate, Five Stars, Can’t Go Wrong, Nice and so much more. Consumers will speak the truth, you know.

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