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Best Crepe Makers 2016


The French are famous for introducing great-tasting food to the world. One of the many recipes the French freely shared with the rest of humanity is how to make those delicious, thin pancakes called crepe.

To help you create this wonderful French creation, here is the list of the best crepe makers in the market.

Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle by CucinaPro (1448) – Includes Spreader and Recipe Guide

best crepe makers


This inexpensive crepe maker gives the users a nice balance between quality and affordability. Its non-stick aluminum plate’s heat can be controlled using the five different temperature pre-settings. A wooden spatula and a recipe guide are included in the purchase, making this a certified best-seller crepe maker deal.

The major concern for this product is the inappropriately sized wooden spatula. Although the crepe maker itself has a diameter of 12-inches, the spatula can only spread up to 5-inch crepe diameter, which makes it a little hard to use.

CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker with Recipe Guide – 1447, 100% Non-Stick Surface


Another from the top crepe maker brand, it has a 7.5-inch diameter with a non-stick surface. This affordable crepe maker works by attaching it to the electric base plugged on a 120V power source. When the desired temperature is hit, you can detach the crepe maker and dip it directly into the batter to cook. The purchase includes the shallow dipping plate where you can put the crepe batter.

Biggest selling point for this item is that there’s no need for a spreader to produce thin, even crepes. Convenient to use and easy to clean. A very good crepe maker.

Electric Crepe Maker 13 3/4″


One of the more expensive crepe makers for sale, this 13-inch, non-stick griddle came all the way from France. Its high-end price more than makes up for the great quality crepes you can produce, contrary to those made by cheap crepe makers.

The only problem with this item is it tends to cook your crepes really fast so it is best to purchase this if you are experienced in cooking crepes. Also, the accessories included are not appropriate for use and should be immediately replaced with a round dowel type spreader and a long birch wood spatula for convenience.

Eurolux Cordless Crepe Maker (7.5″‘)


This product has almost the same features as the CucinaPro’s Cordless Crepe Maker with one possible exception – it does not come with a recipe guide, although it clearly states in the packaging that it should. You would need to research a plausible recipe yourself if you are one of those unfortunate ones who received the item without the guide.

Furthermore, it tends to produce uneven heating which will definitely affect the taste of your crepe. Otherwise, it is an okay crepe maker.

Electric Crepe Maker with BONUS Silicone Basting Brush


This product’s diameter is the smallest in this list, only around 6-inches. So those who would want to make bigger crepes will be extremely disappointed. Still, its performance is at par with others given the cheap price. It has a non-stick surface and easy to use.

Highly recommended for novice crepe makers.

Waring Commercial WSC160 Heavy-Duty Commercial Electric Crepe Maker, 16-Inch


If you are looking for a crepe maker for business or commercial use, this one is for you. This heavy-duty crepe maker is made of 16-inch, non-stick cast iron with stainless steel base and can produce a temperature up to 570ºF.

Since the product is cast-iron, you need to season the surface properly first with either corn or peanut oil before actual use. Otherwise, the crepe will definitely stick on the surface and it’ll be difficult to clean. Also, the power source required is only 110V. This makes heating the surface longer than other brands.

What are Crepe Makers?

Crepe is a well-known dish from France since it can be eaten either as a full meal or as a dessert depending on the filling. Crepes are very tricky to cook since the batter should have the right consistency to produce those very thin, crisp pancakes without any tearing. This is why it is only natural that fans of this delicious food would want to have their own crepe maker to help them cook their favorite dish.

The original crepe makers were made of cast iron plates and set crepes are cooked over a fire with a help of a wooden dowel spreader or spatula. Over time, new crepe makers have definitely evolved to include materials such as aluminum plates and stainless steel frames although those made from cast iron still exists.

Crepe makers should not be confused with crepe pans which are more of a flat, frying pan wherein you cook your crepe over a stove top.

What to Look For

In buying crepe makers, people usually look at the price tag. This is difficult because most reliable crepe makers cost a fortune.

Modern crepe makers are either powered by gas or electricity with the latter gaining more prominence than the former. Electric crepe makers are just more convenient and practical to use although the heat generated on the surface might not be as even as with a gas-powered one.

Before looking at the various crepe makers in the market, you have to determine first what kind you want to use. If you are just looking for a domestic and general use, a single unit electric crepe maker should do the trick. However, if you are looking for something that you use for commercial purposes, you should consider getting those heavy-duty, dual versions that can produce large volumes of crepes quickly.

Most electric crepe makers have either a cast iron or an enameled cast iron for the plate though some brands use aluminum instead. You just have to remember that cast iron plates require regular oil seasoning before using while the enameled cast iron plate only needs to be lightly greased. Both are great for cooking crepes since the heat spreads evenly unlike with aluminum. An enameled cast iron plate is easier to use than the plain cast iron plate but the plain cast iron is sure to last longer.

Standard diameter size for most crepe makers is around 12 to 13 inches although the dip-flip models are smaller, around 6 to 7 inches. The size is important especially because crepes are served with fillings such as strawberries, chicken, artichoke or blueberries. Small diameter crepes would mean less amount of fillings, and is not suitable for parties or family gatherings.

Usually, accessories are included in the purchase of a crepe maker. Most notably, a recipe guide is always present in every box of newly bought crepe makers since crepes are not the easiest dish to make. Some crepe makers would also include a batter spreader, a wooden or stainless steel spatula, a ladle (to help measure the batter) and a batter dish.

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