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Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners 2016

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When shopping for the best canister vacuum cleaner, there are a number of key considerations that set the top performing models apart from the imitations. Price can vary widely, as can the functionality offered, including the power of the motor and the level of suction. Then there is the design – some vacuum cleaners may require you to stoop over, while others will give your back a rest and allow you to remain upright. Another consideration is the amount of storage your vacuum offers, and whether it is a bagless model. Consider the likelihood of endlessly purchasing and changing over vacuum bags before you make your final purchase.

However you make your decision – whether you favor a brand you know and trust, or rely on the mechanics alone – you will also want your new vacuum cleaner to be durable, portable and storable. It may be worth investing a little more money to purchase a quality vacuum cleaner if you think that it will last you longer, and you won’t need to replace it in the immediate future.

BISSELL Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum, Caribbean Blue

best canister vacuum cleaners


This inexpensive canister vacuum cleaner is bagless, and promises a powerful level of cyclonic suction. It also offers some functional features that will make cleaning the house less of a chore.

  • With the flip of a switch you can switch between two modes, for hard surfaces and carpets.
  • The filters are able to be washed, and put back in the machine, meaning you can clean your cleaning device.

It also comes with the standard retractable power cord. With a simple trap door, you can easily empty dirt.

This is a light model machine with a long hose for more comfortable vacuuming – it ships at approximately eleven pounds. However, the hose could also become a source of frustration because it doesn’t swivel with movement, so it can get tangled quite easily. Also, it does not come with a variety of specific attachments, so if you’re looking to clean difficult areas, this may be problematic.

However, there is a handle on top, making it very portable, and the price of the Zing vacuum is very affordable, making it a top seller. So, it’s a great, compact design that promises easy cleaning with minimum fuss. Scoring a high canister vacuum cleaner rating, this machine is large enough to last several sessions.

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, 3670G



There are so many different canister vacuum cleaners for sale, but Eureka models are quite popular due to their reasonable price. The promise of easy cleaning is part of its guarantee, along with some key differentiators.

  • The settings are at your fingertips, with controls situated on the handle itself.
  • You can shift from bare floor to carpet, and change mode at the same time, for a more tailored vacuum.
  • There’s a twelve amp motor, to keep you powered up.
  • It comes with two extensions for the hose, giving you extra reach.

The design is functional, with a twenty inch cord allowing you maneuver with ease. It’s a light vacuum, shipping at just over eleven pounds, but only weighing nine. This is not a compromise though, because it is built to last. In particular, the brush is designed to pick up more dirt than its competitors, and it comes with different nozzles and an upholstery cleaning add on.

The Mighty Mite is also great for cleaning the car, where dust gathers in hard to reach corners. However, it does require a bag, which may deter some customers.

It’s worth noting that there is a specific Eureka model available which comes with distinct attachments for pet hair. This does cost extra, but it may be worth it for larger families, to avoid frustration if nothing else.

BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, Purple, 4122



Unlike its bagless counterpart, this model of the Zing does in fact require a bag. This may account for the slight difference in price between the two vacuums, but it may be worth spending a little more to make your life a little easier. Other distinctions of this model are not significantly different.

While offering two modes for hard floors and carpets, the recommendation is to use a carpet attachment, which actually diminishes from the convenience offered.

With a telescope hose, this is actually a more rigid model of vacuum cleaner too. This may be appealing to some, who require the extra stability, but for the most part, it makes vacuuming more cumbersome.

If price is going to be your deciding factor, then this will appeal to the money conscious – this certainly qualifies as one of the cheapest canister vacuum cleaners. However, there are numerous areas where the difference in product quality is apparent, which may lead to some cases of buyer’s remorse. So, maybe keep your receipt on file, just in case you aren’t entirely happy with your purchase.

Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner



If you want a great canister vacuum cleaner deal, the Miele is designed to glide across surfaces, and be feather light to handle. That being said, it may fall slightly outside tighter budgets, so this may affect your decision.

  • The Miele comes with six different power settings, to switch between fabrics, surfaces and suction level.

One potential drawback is that it does require a vacuum bag, but it comes with a 29.5 foot steel wand, to reach up and around bends. It also comes with three additional attachments – a brush for dusting, a thin edged tool for crevices, and an upholstery attachment. With frequent usage, the promise is that you will improve the air quality of your home.

So, if you’re serious about your vacuuming experience, and you want a super light machine that transitions between rooms with ease, and you want a reputable brand, then this model will please you immensely. If you want a few extra fancy attachments, then you may need to continue your search.

Eureka AirExcel Compact No Loss of Suction Canister Vacuum, 990A



This very powerful little vacuum is set to clean you house with complete efficiency. It’s tiny, with a long wand, and lots of suction. This model comes with a dust cup, which is a step up from a bag model. At only eight pounds, you can even put the kids to work cleaning the house. For both carpets and hard wood floors, you’ll have the 9 amp motor whirring around your home. With a HEPA filter that guarantees to capture ninety nine per cent of the dust in the air, this device certainly talks a good game.

The bad news is that the cyclonic suction action doesn’t exactly live up to the hype. There are issues with the Eureka losing power. It also becomes clogged easily, due to the design of the vacuum hose. So, while it comes at an attractive price, if you intend to be a heavy user, you may find yourself frustrated with the state of your floors.

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner



The Dyson is renowned for producing good quality machines, and is a highly trusted canister vacuum cleaner brand. The Animal model is no different, and is considered one of the top canister vacuum cleaners on the market. But with its reputation comes a price tag to match.

  • The Dyson promise is that more microscopic dirt will be sucked up than any of its competitors.
  • The turning circle is also designed for superior maneuverability, with patented ball technology.
  • You can change the settings on the hose, so you don’t have to bend down to transition from hard wood floors to carpets, and vice versa.

One of the best things about the Dyson is that you don’t need a bag, but you don’t need a filter either. So you’ll get tremendous longevity out of this machine. It’s also designed to be whisper quiet, and leads the field in cyclonic vacuuming advancements. The Animal name doesn’t just refer to the level of grunt, it also alludes to the efficiency of animal hair removal from floors and furniture. While it’s very easy to use, it may take up extra space in storage. But if performance is your key measure of success, then this machine will score big points.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner (Machine)



If you’re intent on buying a canister vacuum cleaner, the Rug Doctor might just miss the target. Marketed as a spot cleaner, the functionality of this machine is better aligned to deep cleaning, rather than a general household clean.

  • The Rug Doctor gets right into stains, with a scrubbing mechanism built into its vacuum capabilities.
  • This machine takes detergent, so it’s closer to a steam cleaner than a vacuum.

However, it’s incredibly compact, with the hose rescinding inside itself and specific storage compartments for attachments. It’s also more heavy duty, weighing in at over twenty pounds, but contains wheels to help to steer it around obstacles. You will need to flush detergent from the machine after use, and it’s also a little on the loud side. But if you want your carpets to look like new, or you have particularly stubborn carpet stains, this could provide the ideal solution. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to clean hard wood floors or tiles, this probably isn’t suitable.

Sanitaire SC3683A Detail Cleaning Commercial Vacuum



The Sanitare is designed to vacuum hard floors as well as carpets, and channels the advantages of a well-designed machine into an affordable canister vacuum cleaner. With lots of attachments to suit any cleaning occasion, you’re assured good value for money.

  • This model comes with a HEPA filter and is designed to capture dust and allergens, with minimum leakage.

You will have to wind the power cord yourself, which will annoy lazy users. The same irritation may result due to the fact that this model requires a vacuum bag, which requires replacing. But for a good canister vacuum cleaner, this is a well-oiled machine.

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum



Hoover is a household name for a reason, and this model certainly lives up to the hype of a well-known canister vacuum cleaner brand. While it does require a vacuum bag, it comes with a reusable cloth bag too, so you won’t be left in the lurch if you haven’t stocked your cupboard.

  • The PortaPower promises a long hose and a long cord, so you can clean room after room without needing to stop.
  • It also features a built in blower, for vacuuming versatility.

When you review competing canister vacuum cleaner costs, this is a very affordable choice. At just under fourteen pounds in weight, it’s a solid investment, and is great for hard surfaces and stairs. It’s also very easy to store, and will give you the suction you desire, as well as the power to match.

Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum



This Cord-free model is a game changer. It is not a cheap canister vacuum cleaner, in fact, it’s far from it. But this next generation machine will certainly impress.

  • It has two interchangeable heads for hard floors and carpets.
  • With no cord to worry about, you’ll fly through your vacuuming in twenty minute intervals.
  • The design of its bristles leads to a deeper clean.

So, if you want to harness the innovative design of a Dyson, but have the storage space of a broom closet, this is a great solution. With HEPA filtration, it’s guaranteed to pick up dust, and it’s suitable for pet hair. There are only two settings, so if you vacuum to the maximum, your battery may run down more quickly. This means that if you want to clean large areas, this model may not suit your exact requirements. But for small, quick cleans, it’s a powerful little machine. You might want to check it out first at your nearest canister vacuum cleaner store.

What to Look For

When you choose your new canister vacuum cleaner, there are plenty of options on the market. The incredible diversity on offer means that you will find a canister vacuum cleaner price to suit your bank account. But take note of the following factors.

  • Settings – if you have a specific type of clean in mind, then make sure it’s accommodated.
    • Different suction modes are a nice feature, but in the end, what you want is power.
  • Attachments – pet hair and upholstery are popular attachments that may not be offered with your model.
  • Bagless – it seems trivial, but a bag is an ongoing inconvenience that can be avoided.

Follow the advice of these canister vacuum cleaner reviews, and you’ll be happily vacuuming in no time.

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